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We are a team of coaches  spreading the power of coaching to educators, parents and young people around the world. 


Whether you're looking for a place to share your passion for coaching, connect with other educators and parents, or continue your learning, this is the place to feel connected and inspired.

 We're heart-led and human focused. Join us.

Hi there!

We're McKenzie and Quinn, the cofounders of Graydin. With a strong and established network of coaches, we have decided to create a place for coaches and educators to gather and thrive, supported by a like-minded community and powerful, curated resources. We've created this community as a daily source of connection and inspiration — a place to share, engage in conversation and continue learning.

Coaching transforms lives.

If we are certain of one thing, it's that coaching is transformative. This powerful skillset ignites self-awareness and action, inspiring people to maximise their potential in all areas of their lives. Founded on the premise of “ask, don’t tell”, coaching empowers individuals to access their own wisdom through the process of exploration and reflection. Coaching is not limited to a specific person or situation. It can be used by anyone, anywhere; they just need an understanding of the basics and foundational skills. There's more about coaching on our website but here's a snapshot of coaching and what it looks like to embed it in an organisation:Video

So, what's the purpose of this community?

For nearly a decade, we've been walking into incredible schools all over the world. Having met thousands of teachers, we know how challenging and isolating it can be. We started this community to connect:

1. Educators, coaches and parents around the world who wish to make a difference in the lives of the next generation

2. Graydin Alumnus who want to keep learning and engaging with coaching after engaging in the in person training courses

3. Anyone interested in coaching in education

Join this Community. 

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